About Us

The Company

First of all we just love our job and this team is about enjoying SprayArt in all its shapes. We love working with people and making things and places colorful.

As a team we work since 2019 and it has been quite a journey.  So far a variety of projects have been realized and successful collaborations with clients, companies in Latvia and abroad have been established.


What does HolisArts team do?

We provide

  • Indoor wall & surface design and realization for indoors;
  • Otudoor facade design and realization;
  • SprayArt & Graffiti workshops for kids and youngsters;
  • “Lesson” about SprayArt & Graffiti movement for students;
  • SprayArt & Graffiti workshops for companies, team-building activities;
  • Creative spray paint workshops for private or corporate events;
  • Logo design for companies;
  • Photo and video reportage.

Main Artist

Hi, my name is Viesturs Holenders. In my hometown and in the Baltic graffiti and spray art scene, I am known as Holis. The history of aerosols for me began a long time ago, as I can remember myself. Playing around with colors, exploring shapes and creating new forms. While finding creative ways I have developed a wide diversity of styles and techniques, worked with various clients and catered to an expansive range of needs and requirements. In my portfolio different sort of works can be seen: paintings for the interior, murals, designs and decorations for festivals, nightclubs, film sets etc. I believe that art is for everyone. It should be accessible and become a part of the community. So we got together with my colleagues and HolisArts team was born. And I am grateful for that.


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